Parker's Yard public water-access committee

First draft description of this committee


The Parker's Yard public water-access committee was established to assess current needs and solicit ideas for an improved, multi-use public access water point to Marblehead Harbor. The result of the committee’s work shall yield structural and programmatic recommendations for the development of the town-owned property known as Parker’s Boat Yard providing public water access for sport, industry, and leisure. Cultivating and maintaining a passion for love and life on the water.

With support from Marblehead Harbormaster and the Harbor & Water’s Board (HWB), this independent, volunteer development committee comprised of community stakeholders will set goals and objectives for the redesign based on articulated needs from the Harbormaster, HWB, the public, owners of small sail, motor, and paddle craft, and marine industries who access the water through Parker’s Boat Yard.

Drawing on best practices from information disclosed by previously developed Community Boating Centers, this committee will play an important role in the short, intermediate and long term goals surrounding the use of Parker’s Boat Yard.

The committee will regularly update the Harbormaster and HWB. They will present viable development proposals for Parker’s Boat Yard for the Harbormaster and HWB to consider and act on. The projected timeline of the committee’s work will span 5 years, with short term improvements by 2020 granting access for small craft dry sailing, accessibility for paddle (SUP/Kayak) and basic landscaping to create a more welcoming, flexible space, with a long-term redesign and development by 2025 to contemplate improvements like better small motorboat access, a light-duty multi-use structure, educational efforts around marine safety, adult sailing lessons, water conservation workshops and the like.

The committee will actively participate in RFP process and engage in relevant conversations with other stakeholders such as Board of Selectmen, Yacht Clubs, Recreation Centers and Marine Industry professionals and the public.

Committee Expectations

  • Committee members agree to a 1, 2 or 3-year term – of which the term can be renewed by a 2/3 majority vote of the committee. The staggered terms ensure adequate coverage to see the mission through.
  • The committee will meet at a minimum bi-monthly and at a maximum bi-weekly.
  • Members of the committee will be expected to follow-through on their action items, communicate effectively and represent the group and mission of the committee with integrity and professionalism.
  • Meetings shall be called far enough in advance to ensure good attendance.
  • Committee members may participate via telephone conference.

Committee Makeup

  • The committee will be comprised of a minimum of 7, maximum of 13 members, varied sail, motor, paddle, fishery, community and other key stakeholders able to provide an array of perspectives and contribute to a thoughtful plan for a multifaceted Community Boating Center.
  • The committee shall be co-chaired by Jocelyn Cook & Kay Van Valkenburgh.
  • The committee will appoint a secretary to record and send notices.
  • The committee may elect to appoint a Community Relations representative to manage public communications via agreed upon streams including but not limited to Social Media, Marblehead Public Access TV and the Marblehead Reporter.
  • The committee may elect to create sub-committee working groups if it is deemed such working groups foster more effective and efficient movement through the mission.

We welcome you to join this committee and/or send us your feedback.